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Do I need to retain an attorney if I am injured in a motor vehicle accident?

It is generally a good ideal to retain an attorney if you have been injured in an automobile accident. Investigation of accidents at the early stages is paramount to resolving liability issues. Additionally, the Minnesota No­Fault Act requires an individual to satisfy a certain statutory thresholds. An attorney can assist and guide you through this process and let you concentrate on recovering from your injuries.

Why should I talk to an attorney after an automobile accident that injures members of my family or me?

It is generally a good ideal to obtain professional advice concerning all accidents, particularly those involving members of your family. There are priorities of coverage, which need to be investigated and established for the purposes of insuring a complete financial recovery for injuries occasioned by individuals, even family members.

What will it cost me to hire an attorney?

Most attorneys' handles cases on a contingency fee basis. The standard arrangement is usually 1/3 plus expenses advanced on behalf of a client during the tendency of the action.

How quickly should I contact an attorney?

It is generally a good ideal to contact an attorney as quickly as you can subsequent to an accident. Witnesses need to be interviewed, measurements obtained, photographs obtained and so on. An attorney skilled in the handling of a personal injury cases will handle those matters for you and make certain that your rights are protected and preserved.

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