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According to an annual report, over 9.5 million people received Social Security disability benefits over the past year. But most claimants feel frustrated with the filling process and are not always sure they will get approved.

At this point, you may wonder, “Should I hire a social security disability lawyer.”

Besides, there may be times when you are faced with an unforeseen disability. As a result, you may need to use social security much earlier than you had thought.

A disabling condition affects nearly 60 million adults in the United States. So, it’s safe to say that the benefits of the use of social security disability are widespread. Those who meet the criteria and get benefits, on the other hand, are a totally different story.

If you or any of your loved ones has become disabled, you should think about hiring a social security disability attorney. Filing for social security benefits is not an easy task. Knowing what your next steps might be can be beneficial.

Here are 5 benefits of hiring a Duluth social security disability lawyer.

1. Preparation of Your Initial Social Security Disability Claim

Your Duluth social security disability lawyer can begin your claim by filing it for you. Your attorney’s work is to ensure your application contains all information necessary to maximize your payment.

Your attorney has to know the information and documentation the Social Security requires. There won’t be any communication problems causing your case to delay or denied.

At Duluth Injury Lawyers, we have the necessary experience to ensure you file your claim correctly.

2. Filling of Appeals

Consider speaking to a few people who are receiving their disability benefits. You will likely hear about how crucial the appeal process is in getting benefits.

Most of the applications do not yield fruits. That makes the appeal preparation an essential part of any social security disability claim.

Note that your social security claim may involve several appeals. Always remember that there are very strict deadlines for such appeals.

Your lawyer should be aware of these deadlines. They will have the right procedures to ensure they file your appeal on time.

Duluth Injury Lawyers know the importance of meeting deadlines. We always ensure we meet deadlines through our computerized systems.

3. Evidence Management

Your lawyer should ensure your claim has the necessary evidence. The lawyer has to provide a comprehensive report about your hospitalizations.

That way, they can get the appropriate medical records. The attorney should also contact your doctors to receive other documentation that may support your case.

Often, it’s useful to present witnesses at the hearing or get evidence from your past employers. Your qualified Duluth social security disability lawyer should know the kind of evidence to help your case.

Your lawyer should then get that plan to Social Security’s decision-maker. Presenting the evidence is a crucial part of the process, and we work to ensure your claim is as strong as possible.

4. Representation at Your Court Hearing

Your social security disability lawyer won’t leave your side when you stand before the judge at your hearing. Before the hearing, your attorney must communicate with you to prepare you for the court hearing.

Also, that is a good time for you to ask questions and receive answers. The pre-hearing communication will allow your attorney to have the necessary information from you.

That way, they can ask you the right questions at your hearing so you can give the most persuasive testimony. Your attorney will make both the opening and closing arguments at your hearing.

Note that most hearings will involve one or more experts. A vocational expert’s testimony will be very vital for your case.

Only an experienced lawyer will perform a cross-examination of such an expert. Remember that judges over-rely on medical or psychological experts.

So, it is helpful if your social security attorney questions these experts also.

Duluth Injury Lawyers will work to organize pre-hearing communications before each hearing. That way, we will ensure they understand the disability making you unable to work.

Our lawyers will also fight any unfair testimony from an expert at your social security disability claim hearing.

5. Legal Analysis and Brief Writing

As your social security claim progresses, it will keep getting more complicated. Often, people appeal some cases up to the federal court.

At the federal court, case presentations will need extensive legal brief writing. You do not just hire an attorney to represent you at the federal court.

The attorney should understand the cases that comprise the body of your social security claim. Duluth Injury Lawyers use this knowledge to win our clients’ cases at the United States Courts of Appeals.

Other benefits of engaging a social security disability attorney include:

  • Quick case approval
  • Need little or no cash upfront
  • The information you provide your social security claim attorney is confidential
  • Your attorney should practice strict ethical guidelines when representing you
  • You can also file a grievance when you have a problem with your attorney with the state bar regulatory commission

Your attorney should provide professional and ethical services by all means. That way, you know that your claim is in good hands whenever you are before the judge.

Consider Hiring a Social Security Disability Lawyer

Now that you know the reasons to hire a social security disability lawyer, it’s time to begin your claim. Duluth social security attorneys provide a free consultation.

At Duluth Injury Lawyers, we will represent you in your social security disability claim. We will continually update you on your case as it progresses and ensure you have a fast and full settlement.

Contact us today to have a successful social security disability claim.

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