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Duluth Injury Lawyers proudly represents injured individuals in a variety of legal matters.

This is all we do and we do it well. Our exclusive representation of injury victims spans many decades. It is a tradition we are proud of. We remain dedicated to recovering fair compensation for injury victims. We have helped thousands of clients recover millions of dollars in for their injuries. Below are some of the more frequent claims we handle (See practice areas for a more comprehensive list).

Auto Accidents

Auto accidents happen every day on Minnesota roads and highways. The Minnesota Department of Public Safety reports almost 80,000 auto accidents.

The personal injury lawyers at Duluth Injury Lawyers work hard everyday to help the victims of auto accidents get the compensation they deserve for injuries, lost wages, and other hardships.

Workers’ Compensation

Many law firms claim to be interested in helping injured people, but refuse to assist injured workers because the claims are generally more difficult and less cost effective to pursue. Our firm zealously represents injured workers. With decades of combined experience, our reputation for excellence is widely known. We have assisted thousands of injured workers with their claims.

Personal Injury/Other Accidents

Whether the claim is big or small, we are dedicated to representing victims who have been injured as a result of the negligence of others. See our Practice Areas section for examples of some of the wide range of personal injury cases we handle.

Wrongful Death

We compassionately pursue fair compensation for families who have lost a loved one due to the carelessness of someone else. We carefully guide families through this difficult process. We are tough on those responsible but gentle with you.

Social Security Claims

If your physical limitations are preventing you from securing gainful employment, we may be able to help you recover the disability benefits you paid in (through deductions from your paychecks) throughout your past work history. These are your benefits and you deserve to receive payment if your physical limitations prevent you from working in any gainful capacity. We have helped numerous individuals recover SSDI benefits.

Longshore/Harborworker/Defense Base Act (DBA)

With Duluth being a major shipping hub, there are many occupational injuries that arise in conjunction with this industry. Despite the abundance of workplace injuries, we are the only local firm that specializes in handling these claims. Our firm advocates for workers injured in harbor and shipping related occupations to ensure that benefits are maximized and claims are paid in a timely manner.

We Help Injured People. We Get Results.

We assist injured people with a variety of claims

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