Auto Accidents

Injured in a motor vehicle accident (car, truck, semi, bicycle, or motorcycle)? Let us help recover you compensation.

​Auto accidents happen every day on Minnesota roads and highways. The Minnesota Department of Public Safety reports almost 80,000 auto accidents, including nearly 1,000 bike­car collisions and more than 6,000 hit­and­run traffic accidents. At Duluth Injury Lawyers we work hard everyday to help the victims of auto accidents get the compensation they deserve for injuries, lost wages, and other hardships.

The most common injury claims are caused by careless or inattentive driving. This carelessness takes various forms. Among the more common: driving while distracted, driving while tired, driving while impaired, driving aggressively, and driving too fast for the road conditions.

Regardless of the type of careless driving, it leads to automobile collisions that result in permanent consequences for many individuals in our community. Too many of us have experienced the irrevocable life changes that car accidents cause. We cannot stop car accidents from happening, but we can help you put the pieces back together and protect you financially from the devastating effects of an incident like this.

Why hire a car accident attorney at Duluth Injury Lawyers?

Car accident cases can become complicated very quickly. You may have claims against the careless driver, the owner of the involved vehicle, the negligent driver’s employer, and your own insurance company. There are many details to consider in evaluating each specific incident and each potential claim. Additionally, significant disputes almost always arise regarding the fair and appropriate valuation of automobile collision injuries.

Typically, car accident victims recover compensation for their injuries, scars, missed paychecks, and pain and suffering through the one or more involved automobile insurance policies. Unfortunately for you, the insurance companies will always try to offer you much less than you deserve, or even make you feel like you were at fault for the collision.

You need an experienced auto accident lawyer.

You need an attorney who has a track record of success getting victims compensation for their injuries. You need a lawyer whose law firm has the resources needed to gather evidence and do whatever is necessary to handle your case. We have decades of combined experience representing injured people. Over the years, our firm has helped thousands of clients successfully resolve their personal injury claims and recover millions of dollars in compensation.

At Duluth Injury Lawyers, we provide a high level of client care.

Throughout the entire legal process, you can trust that we’ll keep you in the loop, updating you on the progress of your case. We will treat you with respect and answer your questions about the legal process, in normal, everyday language. From beginning to end, we handle the hassles and give you peace of mind. And remember, ​there’s never a fee ​unless we get money for you.

Don’t delay. Please remember that it is vital to act swiftly after you’ve been injured. The sooner you involve a personal injury attorney, the better they will be able to preserve evidence, gather essential witnesses and to address other important factors.

Don’t rely on insurance companies. ​Insurance company representatives, while friendly, aim to protect company profits. Insurance companies do this by denying claims and by paying out as little as possible on claims that are accepted.

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If you or a loved one were injured in an automobile collision, you need an experienced attorney who understands the challenges you face and is committed to recovering full compensation on your behalf. Our lawyers have the experience and resources to get you the compensation you deserve for your injuries. To discuss your potential claim ​call 218­722­1488. ​We represent individuals throughout the state of Minnesota and Wisconsin.

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