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​A debilitating work injury that renders you incapable of earning an income or causes significant physical limitations can cause emotional and financial tension. Regular income is necessary for most families to keep up with a mortgage, bills, and daily financial needs and medical treatment is expensive even with insurance. An experienced workers’ compensation lawyer can fight to obtain the financial compensation you deserve.

Obtaining full compensation for injured workers.

We understand that your neck injury, back injury, brain injury, or other injury has caused strain on your life and that of your loved ones. With the serious extent of the injury, it seems unfair that your workers’ compensation claim has been denied, benefits are being disputed, or payments are being delayed. We work to force the insurance company to honor your claim.​ We are experienced at handling workers’ compensation claims. We strive to help you understand and recover the benefits rightfully deserve, including:

  • Temporary total disability benefits: if you are incapable of working for a period of three days or more, you may be entitled to temporary weekly income benefits.
  • Temporary partial disability benefits: if you return to work and your hours are limited or you return to a lower paying job, you may be entitled to reimbursement of a portion of your lost income.
  • Permanent total disability benefits: permanent disability benefits may be awarded if you suffered a severe permanent disability that renders you incapable of ever returning to work.
  • Permanent partial disability benefits: if you suffer a permanent loss of physical function, you may be entitled to a disability rating and an associated financial payment.
  • Vocational rehabilitation: your injury may reduce your ability to compete in the job market and you may qualify for vocational training to help you get a job or assistance with job search to help locate a suitable job.
  • Medical benefits: you are entitled to payment of any reasonable and necessary medical expenses that are brought about by your work injury.

You need an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer.​

Workers’ compensation claims are extremely complicated. In fact, many personal injury attorneys don’t handle work comp claims for this very reason. You need an attorney who has a track record of success handling these claims and getting victims compensation for their injuries. You need a lawyer whose law firm has the resources needed to gather evidence and do whatever is necessary to handle your case. We have decades of combined experience representing injured workers. Over the years, our firm has helped thousands of injured workers successfully resolve their claims and recover millions of dollars in workers’ compensation benefits.

At Duluth Injury Lawyers, we provide a high level of client care.

Throughout the entire legal process, you can trust that we’ll keep you in the loop, updating you on the progress of your case. We will treat you with respect and answer your questions about the legal process, in normal, everyday language. From beginning to end, we handle the hassles and give you peace of mind. And remember, ​there’s never a fee ​unless we get money for you.

Don’t delay. Please remember that it is vital to act swiftly after you’ve been injured. The sooner you involve a workers’ compensation attorney, the better they will be able to preserve evidence, gather essential witnesses and to address other important factors.

Don’t rely on insurance companies. Insurance company representatives, while often friendly, aim to protect company profits. Insurance companies do this by denying claims and by paying out as little as possible on claims that are accepted. You cannot trust an insurance company to voluntarily pay all of the benefits you deserve.

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